Hockey Tryout Drills – Picking the Team

Trying to pick a team out of 40 + players can be a daunting task, you want to ensure you a using the best hockey tryout drills for your team, and for what you are expecting of the players throught the season.

For me I typically have 3 tryouts, the first one is more skill based with a lot of skating, the second tryout will be more of the same with a small scrimmage at the end to get a feel for game play, and then the third would be some skating and then the majority of the tryout would be a scrimmage. By the third tryout you should have most of your team picked, and at this point you are just looking at the “bubble” players.

Below are some drills that are great for your tryouts!


Get the goalies and players moving, start them with a good skate and then a simple warm up to get the goalies engaged.


Have the players skate, I like doing some power circles, make sure you are looking for edgework, strenght and both forward and backward skating.  While the players are skating, have someone working with the goalies. Cant forget that you need to evaluate them as well.

Defence offence split – Skills

On the defensive side of the ice, D2 skates hard to just below blue line stops receives a pass from the coach.  Skates backwards with puck to goal line, transitions to forward and performs and escape turn around the dot, continues around the net and makes pass to D1 on the wall, D1 skates into slot and takes a shot.  D2 replaces D1, D1 to back of the line.

Offensively F1 carries puck around circle into slot for a shot, continues around other circle, around the pylon past the blue line back into the zone where F2 will hit F1 with pass as soon as he crosses the line.  F1 shoots and goes to back of the line, F2 starts same drill on opposite side.

Offence Creativity – 3 on 1

Looking for creativity and chemistry from your forwards.

On Whislte, D1 skats across blue line and transitions backwards to defend 3 on 1. On same Whistle, First foward line starts breaking out of there zone to attack the 3 on 1.  Play is dead after shot.  Next group goes.

3 on 2

Both Ends D and F in separate lines.  Forwards skate hard to far end and curl, receive a pass and attack on 3 on 2. Defense skate to almost blue line, reverse pivot and defend.  Start from opposite end when first group is done.


End the tryout with a small scrimmage, you will see which players still have some gas left in the tank.





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  1. This was an informative read for me as I have not looked into Ice Hockey Drills before.  It was interesting to see what constitutes a good drill to keep the muscles toned and in shape to keep up the stamina whilst skating.

    Thank you for the effort you went to to explain this valuable information for all learners out there.


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