Hockey Skills Competition -Fun practice for the players

Throughout my season, I like to take one of my practices and have a hockey skills competition. This is a fun event for the players, and helps them bond and at the same time invite a little competitiveness into the team. Here is a sample of a skills competition I have done in the past.

I have included a hardest shot in the competition, you will need something to track the speed of the shot, ask around, you will be surprised how many people have access to a radar gun.

Skills Stations

4 Sections Skills 7 minutes each drill * 4 = 30 minutes

Accuracy Drill

Players behind the net make pass out front to player shooting, Player has 10 shots to hit all the targets.

Stick Handling Drill

Players will be timed on skating through the pylons with the puck start at one end, turn around at the other and finish where they started (backwards as well if more time is needed)

Pass / Sauce Accuracy Drill

Players will line up near the face off dot. Stick will be placed on the ice which players will have to sauce the pass into the small net. How many can they make in minute. (2 try’s if more time is needed)

Hardest Shot

Players each get 3 shots (make sure they register on the gun) Have the goalies participate it adds some additional fun to the event.

The Fastest Skater Forward and Backwards – 10 Min

Split on the ice as shown below. Coaches line up at either end of the ice one to make sure there is not cheating at the start and the other to time as they come across the goal line.

Break Away Challenge (Elimination) 10 Min

One player at a time, if you miss you are out.


This should be a fun event wear all the players can let loose and enjoy themselves. Use it as a team bonding tool, after the hockey skills competition is completed, arrange a dinner or another type of event when the players can discuss what happened on the ice earlier.

Please comment below on any ideas you may have or done in the past yourself. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Thanks so much for the great article and the drills , as i’m soccer coach for youth team i have some of my players actually play hockey and i will share the article with them to benefit from the drills you provided , and if there is also some drills for hockey goalie that would be great as well . Good job

  2. Great idea to use these drills in a fun way and at the same time get the team players to bond. I love watching the ice hockey matches at our local ice rink and it’s even better to watch when the team are working together and are connected so to say  

    I would love to get a radar gun to measure the speed that the puck travels. Do you have any suggestions as to which one is best?

  3. Though I never played hockey, I have played many sports in my life from soccer, to football, to track and the common between those sports is my coaches would always have skill competitions and I never understood exactly why until now! Looking back I did have a ton of fun when we did this and I always seemed to perform better or execute drills better because I definitely wanted to be the best at each drill!

    Great article, sincerely!


  4. it is good to learn new strategies in order to improve one’s skill at this sport and also I like to play with my friends. I will follow all your training step by step. The idea of having dinner and talking about what we did wrong or well while trading js a fantastic idea.

    Thank you for the training!

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