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I have done a few backyard ice rinks in my day, anywhere from doing it all myself to using pre made kits. You may also have some questions about the rink, I will try to answer many of them in this post.


Q. Will the rink ruin my grass? A. If you use a good white liner and follow instructions your grass will typically be fine come spring time (don’t leave the line on the grass for too long into the spring) it should be removed as soon as the rink thaws.

Q. Does my backyard need to be level? A. The short answer is no, but in my experience it is MUCH more difficult to build the rink with an uneven lawn. Personally I would not use a Backyard Ice Rink kit if I had more than a 4 inch grade. That does not mean it cannot be done, it just means it will take a bit more effort, time and money.

Q. Buy it or build it? A. This depends on how handy you are and how willing you are to put in the extra work, there are a few good pre done kits that will make your life easier if you are willing to spend a bit more money.

Q. What is a good size for my Backyard Ice Rink? A. This depends on space available and who will be using the ice. When my kids were smaller (I have 3 that skate) having a 20 x 40 rink was sufficient, now that two of them are in their late teens, I need a much bigger area to accommodate them all.

Nicerink 20′ X 40′ Backyard Ice Rink Kit

This is a great product an intro into Backyard Ice Rinks. It has everything you need to get started (except the wooden side boards) and their website has great support.

What’s included:

  • Roomy 20 ft x 40 ft ice surface
  • 34 patented NiceRink brackets for easy set up and support
  • 1 24 ft x 44 ft, 6 mil heavy-duty Ultra White UV stabilized ice rink liner
  • 1 roll of NiceRink patch tape
  • 1 tube of underwater glue

Iron Sleek Ice Rinks

Another pre done kit that you can purchase online, depending on where you live this option might be a better option for shipping.

Everything is included but the perimeter boards to hold up the liner.

Kit Includes:

5 mil 25′ X 25′ Liner

12 Iron Sleek Rink Brackets

4 Iron Sleek Corner Brackets

All necessary Hardware.

This kit does NOT include lumber. We recommend 8 pcs. Of 2″ x 12″ x 10′ lumber

DIY – Backyard Ice Rink

I have done my rink twice this way, the first time it worked perfectly, the second time was a disaster. It is not fun in the middle of the winter playing with cold water outside, I highly recommend doing it correctly from the very begging and ensuring your boards are secure and your liners is whole free.

Ice resurfacing – 32″ NICEICE RESURFACER

Don’t forget that you will need to resurface your ice after use. This is an often overlooked part of the process. I have tried to make a few on my own which were not great, I have also tried just using a hose, which can turn into a giant pain and create lumps in your ice. Using this tool gets you perfect outdoor ice, I highly recommend it.

The NiceIce resurface tool works on any surface. It makes ice like glass, in less time, less water and less hassle than just the hose. Thin controlled applications of water result in super smooth ice on any rink. 32″ Model recommended for rinks 0 to 4,000Sf. (Includes one resurfacing mat) Optimum performance requires water pressure of at least 3 Gallons per Minute or more.


Regardless of the method you choose to build your rink, you and your children will have many hours of enjoyment throughout the season, Good luck and have fun! If you have any questions or have your own review to share, please do so below. Thanks for stopping by.




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  1. Oh wow – is this a ‘thing’ a ice rink in your own back garden. I’m absolutely flabbergasted and in awe at the same time. What a great idea for a birthday party or any occasion. 

    Here in the UK we don’t have enough of these type of sports available to us, we only really see outdoors ice skating rinks around the xmas season. We really should catch on and start having these ice rinks in our back gardens, now theres a perfect world!

  2. Now, this is a spectacular gift that keeps on giving!  I have to pass this on to my activities coordinators!  The most ‘DIY’ ice rink we ever had growing up was when they let us flood the cement & cement hill-rimmed basket-ball courts!  At the time it was one of the coolest gifts we could receive for play time.  

    I think that’s a really decent price for the kit you suggested.  It’s one of those cool projects that a community could do as well if they all pitch in to help with costs and maintenance.  

    I don’t know you personally but, you’ve definitely reached ‘cool Dad on the block’ status with me!   

  3. Thanks for the post. I’m not the handiest of builders, so I would opt for a pre-done kit. I find the Nicerink kit to be the more interesting one, particularly if t has good online support. You just never know when you’ll ned sme timely advice ASAP. 

    We’ve got a good-sized garden, 80% of which has got more than a 4 inch grade. This kind of limits our placement options, but the space that IS left is out near the front gate, which can be a great invite for the neighborhood kids to join in the fun. 

    I’m definitely going to look into the Nicerink kit, and with my kids now old enough to safely participate, we can turn the setting up of our first ice rink into a cool family project.



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